What We Do

Our software products are installed in Federal Operating facilities, Federal Decommissioned facilities, Processors, Commercial Brokers, and Disposal sites.
Any operation that is involved with the management and tracking of Hazardous and Radioactive waste can benefit from the offerings in eMWaste® G2 Primary.

Current Products

NEW eMWaste® Suites

We are now more flexible than ever! We have changed our entry screens. By utilizing the latest in programming technology we have improved our User Interface.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners are just one way of entering information into eMWaste®.

Document Repository

The Record Repository gives you the ability to communicate with each user in the document group during the review and approval process for a specific document. This all takes place prior to a document being accepted into the Document Repository.

Inventory Management

Different Revisions of each Waste Stream can be loaded in Inventory Management or Documents that are Archived. “Reports” include a Site Data Sheet, WSDS, Changelog Reports, and a Top 90% Nuclides Report.

New Users

The New Users product gives you full control of all users in the system


The Email product gives you the ablility to create templates and configure the system to send emails to certain groups or idividuals automatically according to pre-determined criteria.


The Divisions procuct gives you the ability to partition your data for different projects yet see all of them as needed. This can make uniform reporting much more manageble accross projects.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Inventory Lab Samples, Cross Reference Samples and Containers, Develop Recipes, and Record Analytical Results.

Rip and Ship

Manage Waste and Transportation in an Expedited Fashion for Brokers and Generators.

Dispatch and Equipment Management

Track Vehicle Dispatches, Driver Qualifications, and Maintenance on Vehicles or Site Equipment.


Designed for Processors Who Receive Waste and Ship for Disposition.

Contract Management

Record Contracts, Price Your Services, and Invoice Your Customers Based on Contracts. Learn more

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