Help Desk, Training, & Consulting to Compliment Your eMWaste® Suite

Attention IT offers many different types of service and support for our customers.  Our support services include Help Desk, Training, and Consulting.  The Help Desk is our standard feature for support with every software suite we sell.  Training covers a three day period where users learn the operations of the eMWaste® suite they purchased, and Consulting is provided to any customer old or new concerning the work flow process in conducting waste management operations. The following sections provide more explanation for each service.

Help Desk

Chat:  You can contact our help desk in several ways.  This page includes a “Chat” line that our Help Desk personnel operate.  If they are busy with other customers the indicator might say that the Help Desk is off-line.  Continue to watch the indicator and a member of our Help Desk personnel will be with you soon.

eMail:  Another way to communicate with support is through your email.  You can send a message to  (US) or  (UK).  Your mail will be answered very shortly after we receive it. immediately.

On-Site:  Sometimes things get a little hurried and you need help preparing container documents or shipment papers.  This is when you need to call us and our eMWaste® experts will help you assemble your information expeditiously.

Telephone:  Our Help Desk personnel can be contacted at the following numbers: (888) 369-7778 (US), 01925 320 070 (UK).  When you call the help desk your call will be recorded for training purposes and the call is logged in our tracking log for future reference as we resolve your issue or provide you with a solution to a question.


When eMWaste®  is installed, three days of training are included, and factored into the installation cost.  Training can be provided on-site at the Attention IT training facilities in Knoxville, Tennessee or Warrington, England.  The training covers every aspect of the installed software and takes into consideration your sites workflow.  For additional training or refresher training, contact our offices at (888) 428-8648 (US) and 01925 320 070 (UK).


The experience and intellectual knowledge that we have gained in designing, developing, and implementing waste tracking and management software for this industry was accumulated from many resources.  Because of this, we are able to see which methods are successful and which ones are not.  Let us help you with your workflow processes.

Our team comes on-site and sits down with every team member in the waste tracking process.  From these meetings we develop an assessment of the current workflow while examining better methods of work for your process.  You will receive our findings and recommendations along with process workflow charts that assist you with implementing the new workflows.  Members of our team can be included in the implementation process on-site or we can consult from our offices via daily contact with management.

If you want Attention IT to revolutionize your company, contact us at (888) 428-8648 toll free.  Pick up the phone today and begin improving your workflow processes.