eMWaste® Rip and Ship

Manage Waste and Transportation in an Expedited Fashion for Brokers and Generators

eMWaste® Rip and Ship was designed to characterize and ship waste utilizing compact screens for easy generation, loading, and shipping. This suite can be used by brokers as a total package or by Generators as an add-on to eMWaste® Primary.

Brokers can create their shipments and print their shipping records on the fly as their trucks are loaded. Generators can utilize eMWaste® Rip and Ship for on-site landfill operations where a constant flow of the same waste stream is transported to the landfill from a single building or site.

Some of the capabilities of eMWaste® Rip and Ship include:

  • Profile Waste Streams
  • Generate Waste/Material Records
  • Define Generators
  • Print/Scan Barcodes
  • Reference
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Outbound Shipping Documents
  • Role Assignments and Security Settings

For more information on this product offering, contact our sales representatives at  865-769-8888 x400 (US), 01925 320070 (UK) or by email at sales@attentionit.com.  We provide bi-weekly demonstrations of the software suites.  Please complete the registration form if you would like to be included in the next demonstration.