eMWaste® Processor-Disposition

Designed for Processors Who Receive Waste and Ship for Disposition

The eMWaste® Processor/Disposition suite allows Processor sites to receive electronic waste shipments on an Inbound Shipment screen and continue the flow of data recording utilizing the previous record from the generator.  In this scenario the generator would characterize the waste shipment (per container) and the information would pass to the processor for the continuation of the processing record.

When the processor is finished processing or treating the waste, they simply load the shipments in an Outbound Shipping screen and forward the containers to the disposal site.  If the waste is disposed of in the process, the software allows for this and terminates the waste at the processor site.

Features include:

  • Inbound/Outbound Shipping
  • Container Summary
  • Process/Treatment (many processes already defined)
  • Overpack
  • Reference Tables
  • Barcode Labels
  • Manifest creation
  • Role Assignments and Security Settings
  • Shipment Planning and Scheduling
  • Disposition Management Tracks Waste Location in a Landfill or Dry Storage Disposal Site (X Y Z Coordinates)


Burial is disposing waste into or on land into specially designed facilities made to permanently store waste to protect our world and minimize the risk of hazardous leaks into the environment. Different disposal methods are used; however, a landfill is the most popular method.

The disposition management section was developed for the efficient management of landfills which include the functionality to manage all disposition profiling, receipts, landfill disposal and certificates of disposition. This database covers all other operation functions as well. For example, monitoring live transport and receipt information with RFID tagging, and recording X, Y, or Z coordinates for landfill transactions.

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