eMWaste® New Container Inventory

Record New Containers from the Manufacturer – Track Waste & Containers Separately – Utilize RFID Capabilities for Your ContainersWaste Container Tracking Software

The eMWaste® New Container Inventory suite is designed to work with eMWaste® Primary to provide seamless recording of the container from “Cradle to Grave”.  This suite is integrated with eMWaste® Primary and provides a method for selecting new containers used in waste generation packaging.

Your suppliers assign unique RFID numbers to your newly purchased containers.  Suppliers will then submit the records for inclusion into your eMWaste® New Container Inventory suite.  More information about the container is supplied in the suite including inspection documents that are attached to each container as the records are received from the manufacturer.

When eMWaste® users characterize their waste they select the container type used in the process by making their container selection from the List of Values.  The new containers are made available for selection and tracked by their unique RFID number.  The container is also assigned a Container ID number, which allows for individual tracking of a specific container and its waste.

Containers can be reused multiple times in the waste handling process. The container will have the constant and unique RFID identifier. Each new generation of waste for a container will be given a new Container ID.

If you would like more information on the eMWaste® New Container Inventory suite please contact one of our sales representatives by calling 865-769-8888 x400 (US), 01925 320070 (UK) or by email at sales@attentionit.com.  We provide bi-weekly demonstrations of the software suites.  Please complete the registration form if you would like to be included in the next demonstration.