eMWaste® Management

Constant Watch and Management of All Project Site Inventories and Monitors Inbound or Outbound ShipmentsWaste Management Software

The eMWaste® Management Suite utilizes the Management Dashboard and the Shipment Planning and Scheduling modules to monitor Inventories and Shipments across the total site.  This high level view was designed with the site manager in mind and provides all the capabilities necessary for total oversight.

eMWaste® Management was designed to work in concert with the eMWaste® Primary Software and offers a very useful enhancement to the base product.  Imagine being able to locate containers for a single project, across multiple projects within a single site, or across multiple projects with many sites. With this suite you can achieve total inventory control.

eMWaste® Primary was designed to track hazardous waste or hazardous materials, and included in eMWaste® Primary is a strong Inventory Control module.  The Management Dashboard takes this capability a step further by providing a tool that can spread these same Inventory Control functions across multiple sites.

This module provides many ways to query your locations or containers. Enter your search criteria and automatically the screen begins to populate with all of the container information that is loaded in the eMWaste® Primary software.  A search criterion includes Task Order, Pickup Request, Profile, Waste Stream, or query your containers by location.

Many reports are available to the user and include a total history of movements for a single container. Outbound Shipments or the Waste Forecast report provides valuable information that helps you manage your waste and acts as a decision tree tool.  The Inventory by Location report shows the length of time a placement has been in a location and provides detailed inventory reports.

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