eMWaste® Laboratory Information Management

Inventory Lab Samples, Cross Reference Samples and Containers, Develop Recipes, and Record Analytical Results

The eMWaste® Laboratory Information Management suite can be added as a module to the eMWaste® Primary suite seamlessly or it can operate as stand-alone.  The database contains four separate screens that provide integrated cross-referencing capabilities with eMWaste® Primary.  Imagine having your lab samples directly tied to the container or material record that records the characteristics for the container sampled.

The Sample Receipt in eMWaste® Laboratory Information Management maintains a record link to the container the sample was taken from while monitoring the “chain of custody” on the sample.  Single button links are also provided to record Analysis and Recipe Development on the sample.

The Analytical Results records all the analysis for the sample whether it is performed on-site or off-site by a contract lab.  The material results and concentrations along with waste codes are recorded in this screen, providing a total breakdown of the waste composition.

Once the sample is taken and the analytical results are recorded you may want to develop a recipe to process the waste to acceptable levels.  The Recipe screen allows you to post all the ingredients needed to bring the sample containers to acceptable levels.  After this is completed you would be able to post another set of Analytical Results by sampling the Recipe.

The last screen in the set records the current and historical location for the sample.  Sometimes the samples are moved from one location to another.  Keep track of all your samples by loading their location in the Lab Inventory screen.
Functions include:

      • Log Sample Receipts, barcode them and track them into the lab facility
      • Track sample locations within the lab or offsite
      • Detail all sample receipt information and track recurring samples
      • Track the containers contributing media to the sample and record the passage or failure of the sample
      • Track off-site lab work and results
      • Record and track all detailed lab analysis results
      • Record and track recipe information and its’ effectiveness in the treatment and stabilization of waste streams
      • Record and track the full lab chain of custody

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