eMWaste® Document Control and Training

Store Documents and Training Requirements

eMWaste® Document Control and Training suite is designed to store, revise, distribute, and track all your documents.  This database is totally integrated with eMWaste® Primary and provides a seamless solution for storing or generating any documentation related to your project.  It can also be used as a stand-alone database to review, record, revise or send for distribution any company document required.

The Document Control works hand in hand with Training to store required reading material for employee training.  Place a document in the database and distribute notifications so others might review the document.  In this suite you can place time requirements on the review of documents and issue reminders and overdue notices to your employees.  Create a Matrix for document distribution and be sure that everyone receives the documents they need to perform their job.  Add attachments to the documents and make or post comments.

Below are some of the functions that the eMWaste® Document Control and Training suite performs.

  • Create and track Controlled Document Information
  • Generate Distribution Lists
  • Generate Transmittal Letters and Transmittal Labels and print all associated documents
  • Generate Transmittal Reminders and Overdue Notices
  • Report Document holders and generate document/holder matrix
  • Store Documents within file structures
  • Security permissions that control what a user sees and doesn’t see
  • Create a Job Title/Training Matrix for each employee
  • Schedule Employee Training
  • Record Employee Training

For more information on this product offering, contact our sales representatives at  865-769-8888 x400 (US), 01925 320070 (UK) or by email at sales@attentionit.com.  We provide bi-weekly demonstrations of the software suites.  Please complete the registration form if you would like to be included in the next demonstration.