eMWaste® Dispatch and Equipment Management

Track Vehicle Dispatches, Driver Qualifications, and Maintenance on Vehicles or Site EquipmentRadioactive Waste Dispatch and Equipment Managent

The eMWaste® Dispatch and Equipment Management suite provides total control over your fleet services.  This suite is designed for “Rip and Ship” type operations where the trucks are constantly moving. eMWaste® Dispatch and Equipment Management can operate as a stand-alone suite or be totally integrated with eMWaste® Primary.

eMWaste® Dispatch and Equipment Management records every vehicle dispatch, monitoring the driver’s hours behind the wheel and their training and qualifications. The Equipment Maintenance portion of the suite can monitor the mileage of your vehicle and inform you when it is time for maintenance.

Maintain a complete comprehensive Equipment Database that records all your site equipment and includes maintenance schedules.  An internal clock lets you know when various functions are due maintenance.  The Equipment portion monitors vehicles; generators, lawn mowers or any piece of equipment used by your site personnel and lets you know when maintenance is due.

Some of the functions contained in this database are as follows:

  • Record all details of dispatch operation including dates and times of dispatch departure, arrival at pickup site, departure at pickup site, arrival at disposition site and departure from disposition site
  • Automatically calculate demurrage
  • Record driver shift time
  • Integrated with Human Resource (Personnel) Database for Employee/Driver Time
  • Integrated with Training Database to validate driver training requirements
  • Integrated with Equipment Database to record vehicle and equipment usage
  • Detailed equipment, license, restriction, registration and weight information
  • Complete Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Equipment usage by hour or mile (Automatically updated  from Dispatch Database )
  • Complete service records and costs
  • Operational equipment on board
  • Detailed Reports for Equipment and Upcoming Preventative Maintenance
  • Integrated with eMWaste Online Dispatch Database
  • Reporting for equipment and maintenance due
  • Record and track equipment servicing

Altogether the eMWaste® Dispatch and Equipment Management suite provides you with more control over your dispatch and maintenance activities.

For more information on this product offering, contact our sales representatives at  865-769-8888 x400 (US), 01925 320070 (UK) or by email at sales@attentionit.com.  We provide bi-weekly demonstrations of the software suites.  Please complete the registration form if you would like to be included in the next demonstration.