Manage and Track Hazardous, Radioactive and Mixed Waste Through eMWaste®

We approach waste strategically 

In the waste industry, nearly everyone faces the same problems when it comes to waste management and tracking. Time requirements are rarely met, hazardous, radioactive, and mixed waste cannot be tracked with just one application, compliance is not met, data processing is slow, and many other problems continue to overwhelm the industry. Until now, little attention has been given to such an important aspect in the waste industry.

Our time in the environmental waste management field exposed the root of these problems, and we responded with the development of an all-inclusive, easy to use, affordable and powerful management and tracking software-eMWaste®.

We approach waste strategically. eMWaste® is a tool used from the point of waste generation to the point of disposal. Whatever your involvement in the waste process,eMWaste® can be customized to your particular needs. We offer an extensive support system to aid in eMWaste® implementation, as well as helping to advance your core business practices. eMWaste® is a proven tool, and we are proud of what our software can accomplish.

eMWaste® is a web based application and operates under a secure https: connection. The eMWaste® Compliance Engine ensures that waste characterization entries are correct, data calculations (automatically performed in eMWaste® are correct, and that all site-specific business rules pertaining to data are met. With all the data capabilities, eMWaste® can easily record and maintain histories of all information related to your hazardous, radioactive, and mixed waste management needs.

Safe handling and proper disposal of this type of waste requires information tracking in an integrated database that is capable of providing detailed reports. The information that is captured in eMWaste® is compiled in various reporting formats to satisfy federal, state, and site reporting requirements including DOT, NRC and EPA manifesting.


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