Attention IT Is The Provider of Waste Tracking Software Products and Services for Brokers, Generators, Processors, and Disposal Sites in the Hazardous, Radioactive, and Mixed Waste Industry

Attention IT has offices located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Houston, Texas (US), and Warrington, England  (UK). Our products include nine Waste Management Software suites designed for the different processes within the waste industry. We offer consulting services to advance your core business practices, and secure hosting services designed specifically for operations that involve the decommissioning and decontamination of hazardous waste and hazardous materials.

Our software suites are designed around a specific workflow identified as the standard in the industry. Combined with the cost benefit analysis that eMWaste® software provides, it is evident why others have defined eMWaste® as “the best in class” tracking and management software.

Our programmers design, develop, and implement software products that help you gain better control of your waste management operations.  Whether you’re looking for current software products, newly developed software, or interface developments that tie your systems together, we have your solution.


The consulting services we offer on workflow management have been tempered with a knowledge base that we have developed over the years.  Our skilled personnel assess current operations, offer alternative approaches, map out corrective actions, and help guide others through the implementation process.

eMWaste® Hosting and Document Management

Attention IT offers on-line hosting for the eMWaste® software suites.  This service is provided at a small monthly price and assists our customers by keeping their overhead costs down.  If you have a software product but, don’t have the space required to operate it on your servers, call our sales representatives for a quote!

Our secure services extend beyond application hosting to document management and storage.  eMWaste® allows you to attach documents to container and shipment records in the database where your relative records are stored.  This document attachment process is highlighted in our new “New Container Tracking” suite and continues throughout eMWaste® Primary software suite.

In Summary

Please examine all the pages of our web site to find the products and services to fit your needs.  If you are uncertain of your needs, please feel free to contact us.  We will help assess your needs, enabling you to choose the right solution for your company.

Our goal is to help you become more efficient in your operation and to reduce your bottom line cost.


Daniel E. Smith, President/CEO